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Guidelines for IAASE Region Representatives

Job Description - The responsibilities of the Region Representatives include:

  •   Serves as spokesperson for their respective region.
    •   Establishes an annual plan of activities and meetings for their regional area.
      •   Serves on Executive Board.
        •   Provides written reports for Newsletter.
          •   Assists Membership and Public Relations Committee with the recruitment and retention of members in the various regions.
            •   Schedules and chairs all respective regional meetings.
              •   Assists the Legislative chair with dissemination of information regarding legislative activities of the Organization.
                •   Assists the chair of the Nominations and Awards Committee by soliciting nominees for the election of the Organization’s officers.
                  •   Serves as a member of the Membership and Public Relations Committee.
                    •   Participates in a Region-based mentoring program for special education administrators, other than State-approved directors of special education who may participate in a mentoring program operated by the Illinois Special Education Leadership Academy.

                      IAASE Region Fund Expenditure Guidelines

                      IAASE Region Representatives have the responsibility to ensure that IAASE funds are expended in an ethical and fiscally responsible manner. When hosting meetings, roundtables, retreats or professional development activities, funds may be spent in the following manner:

                      Funds may be utilized for:

                      • Speaker fees. This includes: travel (including mileage at the Federal rate), hotel accommodations, and meals (up to $35 a day).

                      • Venue rental.

                      • Meals for attendees during the IAASE activity (ex. continental breakfast/light lunch).

                      • Supplies (ex. postage, copying costs, consumables, flash-drives, and name tags).

                      Funds may not be utilized for:

                      • Attendee travel, hotel accommodations, or meals outside of the meeting.

                      • Full payment for Administrative Academy credit for individuals attending.

                      Fiscal Responsibilities:

                      IAASE acts as the fiscal agent for Regions. Registration fees are to be sent to IAASE to the attention of Lydia Sipes, PO Box 1733, Granite City, IL 62040 ( Email: [email protected] ). Lydia will process the deposits for your region. You should also submit itemized expenses and receipts to Lydia. She will process the expense vouchers and forward them to the president for approval enabling the treasurer to pay allowable expenses.

                      Professional Development Recommendations:

                      • You may charge a minimal fee to attendees of professional development to help ensure attendance and supplement related costs. A more substantial fee should be charged for non-IAASE members.

                      • Vary the location of professional development offerings throughout your region to maximize member participation.

                      • After your region events please submit copies of documentation, including agendas, sign-in sheets, evaluations, and copies of handouts to Norma so that she can include this information in the CASE annual report. It will be included in both the membership and the professional development portions of the report.


                      Communication with Region Members

                      Norma maintains email lists for each region. Please send Norma all emails that you want to distribute and she will send them to the active members in your region. We do this for two reasons.


                      1. To protect the email addresses of the region members from getting into the hands of anyone who might then begin sending unwanted mail

                      2. To document communication for the CASE annual report

                      Norma will also post a schedule of your events on the website under the link for your region. Please send her your schedule with the times, dates, and locations.


                      Responsibility at Conferences

                      Regional meetings are scheduled at each conference. Region Representatives are responsible for facilitating those meetings.

                      Each Region is requested to bring a gift basket to each conference, costing no more than $150. Money can be collected through donations by Region members. The gift basket will be raffled off during the social hour of the conference with proceeds going to the Special Education Administrators’ Political Action Committee (SEAPAC).