Message from the President

By Dr. Lea Anne Frost.
IAASE President
July 2017

The Illinois Alliance of Administrators of Special Education (IAASE) is a non-profit special education administrator organization that focuses its efforts on promoting educational opportunities for all students including those with exceptionalities. IAASE relies on special education professionals who are in the field to develop policy, practice, and legislation; these actions are further accomplished through partnerships and liaisons with state, local, and national educational and organizational entities. IAASE is also an outstanding resource to its members by providing timely and quality professional development, collaboration, and networking opportunities. IAASE is the largest state organization of special education administrators with approximately 1200 members.

IAASE has the Vision of “providing the voice, vision, and future of special education leadership in Illinois”. We also have the mission to “provide leadership related to special education by delivering: impactful advocacy for students and families, guidance for improving student outcomes, progressive professional development, effective legislative advocacy, dynamic networking opportunities, and statewide guidance on policy development”. IAASE is working towards its vision and meeting its mission by: being active partners with the Illinois State Board of Education, Illinois General Assembly, and other key Illinois education professional organizations; engaging in meaningful committee work with productive outcomes; offering statewide trainings and conferences that highlight current educational trends and best practices; and communicating frequently with our members on timely issues and gathering member feedback.

Annual IAASE membership runs July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018. Membership enrollment is completed online at We welcome all entities related to special education to become members of IAASE. We encourage all members to attend our five Board meetings, many which are scheduled in conjunction with state and organizational conferences, to be informed and proactive in addressing needs within the special education field.

As Illinois continues to face many challenges that impact students with disabilities and their families, it is important that IAASE remain prominent and at the forefront of special education issues. As our work relies strongly on the volunteer efforts of professionals in the field, we welcome you to join in making a difference for students in Illinois. It is with the collaboration and support of our profession that we can have a positive influence on the education of students.

Warm regards,
Dr. Lea Anne Frost
IAASE President

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